COVID 19 VS. High School Seniors

During my first year of high school last year everyone would tell me to enjoy every moment of high school–to be as involved as I could, to go to every game I could because when I least expected it, senior year would be right around the corner. My freshman year however, was cut short because of an unexpected virus. Little did we know the virus would change everyone and everything.We were oblivious to what was yet to come. Since March nothing has been the same. We can’t socialize, we can’t go out as often, and school is extremely  different. It almost doesn’t seem like school.

 At first I was very upset about my freshman experience being cut short . I would recall what everyone would tell me about enjoying high school, and I believed that would take away from the experience. Later, after going through so many changes as a sophmore and the virus being at a very frightful stage, I have realized many things. I started thinking about the people around me more than about myself–especially seniors. We have only been in school fo two weeks and many things have already changed. Masks are required, our lunch schedule has changed 3 times already and now we have a hybrid schedule and even virtual days. Three of my best friends are seniors right now, and I can only imagine how they feel about their very last year in high school being this way. One of them had contact with someone who tested positive for the virus so they had to be quarantined for two weeks. They’re already missing out in many things. The week they were quarantined was the spirit week leading to the Battle of the Bridge and many other games like soccer. It is very sad to think that it will be there last year as a student in Lenoir City High School not knowing if they will even have a proper prom, graduation, pep rally and the overall experience.


One thing that gave me hope was at the first football game of the year. I went to take pictures for a class, and it was absolutely extraordinary how seniors have taken this very bad and sad experience and made the best of it. Even though it was pouring rain that day for hours the seniors still went to them game and cheered their team on like never before. They knew it might be the last football game they would attend if things didn’t change. The pictures came out beautifully since it seemed like everything was back to normal, and we were just high school kids enjoying a Friday football game. But we had to come back to reality knowing things will not be the same in a while. 

“I was really looking forward to theater and musicals. Whenever you’re a senior in theater you sometimes get a lead role but we can’t do that now because of the social distancing.” said Summer Grubb, a Senior in Lenoir City High School .

Deisy Morales a Senior says “Most universities started doing virtual classes. I believe that changes my plans on whether I should go to college right after I graduate or not.I believe this pandemic hasn’t brought something positive to my senior year. I would have liked to be able to enjoy our last year like past graduates. “