New Year, New News

Over the years journalism has changed and continued to upgrade the way they give students their weekly news. This year new there is new management and things are a little different. New cameras, new cords, new crew, new lighting, new microphones, and much more have helped to improve the quality of the videos and announcements.

The crew consists of five news anchors: Katy Roel, Suzanna Jay, Issiah Goodman, Darwin Ramirez Lopez, and Jessica Vasquez. You will notice that each of these wonderful people bring some sort of uniqueness to each and every shot.

Next are our head editor in chief, Jamie Hash, and our head film producer, Chloe Peterson. Hash edits each video clip individually until there is a perfectly seamless transition from one to the other. She also helps to educate our anchors incase she might be absent. Next is Peterson, she makes sure the setup is consistent between shots, everyone is dressed like the previous shot incase it goes over into two days, arranges lighting, audio, film setup, and edits the document containing the written announcements with Hash. Goodman also helps with filming and editing. Ramirez Lopez and Vasquez, together, cover the spanish announcements that way everyone can have access to the schools news.

Mrs. Wallace is always helping these students to improve their video quality in every way. If it wasn’t for her this wouldn’t be possible. Next time you see your weekly announcements remember the people who took the time to create it.