Secret Santas?

Christmas is a tradition that is celebrated my millions all over the globe. The usual thing to do is to give gifts to everybody without it being a surprise. There has been a trend that emerged where a group of people, usually friends, draw names, get the person a gift, and don’t reveal that they have that person until the gift is given. There are many factors that contribute to the excitement around participating in a secret Santa with your friends.

At Lenoir City High School there have been many groups of friends that continue this new tradition. Alexia Venearo, Gabe Lane, and Carly Wrobleski are all a part of a secret Santa that included seven people. The group is very diverse and each had something different but similar that they liked. Alexia’s favorite part was, “The presents (Alexia Venearo, 10).” The excitement of receiving something that is picked out by your friends and has thought put into is very special to many people. It creates a sense of care and sentiment between friends and family.

Gabe’s favorite part was “to give gifts to my friends, I like to see the joy that comes from gifts (Gabe Lane, 10).” Giving gifts can be a heartwarming experience and light up somebody’s day. For Gabe, this is his favorite part because of the joy it brings to him and his friends.

Carly’s favorite part was “the surprise of what you are going to get and the reaction of others when they get their gift (Carly Wrobleski, 10).” The excitement around the mystery is what gets Carly excited to be a part of a friend-group secret Santa. Since the group is very diverse, it is hard to know what the person is going to get you.

In conclusion, there are many things to enjoy from this fun game-style exchange. From getting gifts to revealing the mystery, there are many things to enjoy from this. Overall, it is something that you should try out and see if it is a good fit for you and your group. Merry Christmas!