Killing Kash

Travis Wiltfang, staff writer

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Gas Stations, Grocery Stores, Restaurants, and many more businesses are refusing to take cash. Why? Because America is transitioning to a no-cash, all-card type of money? Or maybe because Bitcoins are finally the accepted currency? Nope, we are in a coin crisis caused from, you guessed it, COVID-19.

A coin crisis is when change is not abundant enough to be used. Sure, people have stopped paying coins and have used credit cards pretty much religiously. However, the ones who use cash are suffering because of some people hoarding their change, but also because the company that produces coins, also known as the mint, was closed for 3 months due to COVID-19. People lose so much money in coins that before the mint could begin processing new coins into circulation the world had gone into a crisis. The coronavirus is killing off the cash, which was already become obsolete. However, this crisis isn’t the only thing causing cold hard cash to become unreliable. Physical money can also spread the germs of hundreds of thousands people in just one touch. You can assume how much world-wide panic this one fact caused in just the last couple of months.

By the end of the day, thousands of people have flocked to banks and gas stations to turn in all of their coins that many of these people have been saving for years, and some people have been saving for decades! There are many websites with articles that tell you what the best way to save your money is without feeling like you’re missing out on fun and exciting things and the best way is to save all of your change, but now Corona is destroying the best way to save money.