Making Your Christmas Merry and Bright

There are many different organizations that reach out to families all over the world to help supply every child with christmas gifts. Loudon County has their own charity to support the children in need. Even a few cents go a long way in the end. Mrs. Chastain and Mr. Gates are in charge of Santa’s Helper.
“We work directly with the Family Resource Center to help make children’s Christmas just a little brighter.  Student Council acts as the in-between for the teachers and the Family Resource Center.  Student Council will shop, wrap, and deliver gifts for teachers and staff here at the high school.  Last year for the first time, we were able to take a field trip to shop and Walmart and wrap at Central Office,” said Gates.
There are many different ways different organizations raise the money needed to reach their goals. Many high schools use sports events, plays, talent shows, community events and fundraising to support their cause.
“Our fundraiser officially kicks off with the school dance.  Student Council sponsors the dance so we can buy supplies and gifts for Santa’s Helper,” said Chastain
Braden Pickle has been doing santa’s helper for two years now and does his best to encourage others to get involved. Pickle said,” I got started in it through a student council field trip. I really enjoy searching for thing they would want even when it’s difficult. I also helped with Battle of the Bridge food drive. Its cool because we buy gifts for kids who can’t afford them. I try to ask students to try to pay even if it’s a little and even if you can’t attend.” Encouraging other students to lend a helping hand is always a good way to grow volunteer numbers. Even the smallest donation or just a little bit of work goes a long way to make a child’s Christmas bright.