Saying Goodbye to Officer Berkley…

Evelyn Shope, Staff Writer

Berkley was not only our SRO officer, but a great addition to our schools faculty as well. Berkley was always there for students, teachers, and most importantly the school. 

Officer Berkley’s Departing was upsetting for many of the students. 

“Officer Berkley was a good man, and he was funny as well,” Summer Grubb (11) said.

He was beloved by many, but also helped many students through hard times. 

“Officer Berkley is awesome, and he helped me through a lot,” Harlie Langlois (10) said.

He did his job and so much more. He helped his students through tough problems, and made sure people felt as comfortable at school as possible. Students who would go to him for help would  report that he did an amazing job resolving the problem or conflict the student presented to him.

“Mr. Berkley was really cool, and I think everyone misses him.” Mackenzie Bentley (11) said. 

The new SRO officer (Officer Yokum)  is proud to be at our school, he believes our school is nicely put together.

“I love it here, this school is really nice,” Yokum said. 

Officer Yokum i’m sure will fill the big shoes of Officer Berkley, Yokum thinks the students that attend our school are great kids.

“The students here are all really great,” Yokum said.

We wish Officer Berkley the best wherever he plans on going next in life and wish officer Yokum well.