Raid on Area 51

Maggie Boyd, Staff writer

The internet is filled with jokes and trolls, but what will end up happening when a hoax could turn out to be deadly? Matty Roberts uploaded an event to facebook, it was an invitation to raid the government base Area 51. His name to this joke of an event was,¨Storm Area 51, They Can Stop Us All¨. Soon it had captivated the attention of thousands of people, many saying that they were willing to go. If a small portion of the final number of two million, and over a million more thinking about it, does end up showing up on this government property, there will surely be a massacre.

Despite the fact that if this even does end up happening, a lot of people that surf the internet decided to go along with what the original idea was for the even and make a joke out of it. We know that not everyone who clicked that they were attending is actually going to go, besides the fact that this is a government base, it’s the internet.

¨Itś a military base ‘supposedly’ where they keep the aliens,” Maria Brunner said.

Though it is largely known as a joke, there might still be some that show up on the government-owned property and lose their lives. Out of the almost three million that said they might attend this event on September 20th, how many will actually show up? The government has grown concerned over this because it should be known that whoever shows up will be shot and killed on sight. For a brief period, Facebook even took down the event though it is back online now.

¨Either facebook is hiding something or they just don’t want to deal with it,” Freddy Ortiz says.

The original creator has tried to change the original focus of the event was about by now making it a festival, Facebook has ¨mistakenly¨ deleted it, and the coast guard has sent out an official statement that this raid should not be attempted.

“(There has to be) Aliens, why else would they keep it so private,” Josiah Thompson said.

What does this say about the people that joined in on their fad? The generation of this century is known to have more anxiety and depression than seen in this history. This is just another way for the ways that society has destroyed the will to live in most teenager and young adults. Could this be a way that some decide that theyŕe going to try because it doesn’t really matter what happens to them?