Crowded Commons


Seana Wilson, Staff Writer

We all know the commons and cafeteria area is way too crowded in the morning and lunch periods.Staff members say that it’s to keep an eye on us, so we don’t get into trouble. What if something were to happen? A threat? Fire? We’re all so cramped that when we try to exit the building, most of us would be trampled and hurt. 

“It could be easily avoided. I feel very obnoxious to try and get through the crowds of people.” said Victoria Cameron (11). Many students believe that it wouldn’t be so crowded if we were allowed to go to other places in the school. Cameron expresses that she would like to be able to go outside in the courtyard again. 

“If they would open up specific halls, and assign teachers to those certain hallways, open the library back up, or let us go see teachers,” said Ollivia Wright (11). Wright explains she would like to be able to go into the F-wing hallway, or the library. 

The crowded commons could impose a lot of hazards. The students could become trampled in the event of an emergency. If administration let different hallways or areas back open, it would be a lot less crowded, and people could get around a lot easier. 

“It’s an issue,” Mr T. Smith said.

Mr. Smith expresses that it isn’t safe to have that many children down in the same place. We are all so crowded down in the commons that it’s a shame. 

“Maybe we shouldn’t pick kids up at 6 in the morning if we don’t have a place to put them,” T. Smith said.

Smith expressed his views on the concern of safety, and space in the commons during the mornings and lunch. 

In the mornings and lunch periods, the commons area and cafeteria is severely crowded due to administration wanting to keep a better eye on us. We are not allowed in the library, f-wing, or lobby anymore. Students and teachers have expressed their concerns over the space and safety issue. Some students say that it is a threat hazard, and some students plainly describe the issue as obnoxious.