Dangerous Flooding

Over the past week or so accumulating rain waters have reached a peak, resulting in flash flooding across East Tennessee. Dangerous road conditions due to high waters left many residents blocked in their neighborhoods. On Saturday, February 23rd the flooding caused local government to issue serious weather advisories and shut down large portions of road.

Seeing the devastation that flooding left local families, students of the Loudon County and Lenoir City schools systems were expecting school on Monday to be cancelled to allow waters to recede. That’s why it was a shock to many students and parents when school was not cancelled.

Bailie Richards (11) commented on the apparent unsafe conditions on Twitter.

“Tennessee is still in a state of emergency due to flooding and yet a bunch of teens are gon be driving to school tmr morning… seems off but ok,” said Richards.

The director of schools for Loudoun County, Jason Vance, and the director of Lenoir City Schools, Jeanne Barker, are facing backlash after Vance issued this statement about school cancellation. He posted on twitter, “Our team had [has] been out all afternoon driving roads and while there are a few roads still closed the vast majority are in good shape. Loudon County Schools will be on time tomorrow. Busses will not run on any road that are [is] still closed in the morning.”

Jeanne Barker was mainly silent in regards to concerned and angry students and parents on Twitter. Most of the disapproving and mean-spirited tweets were directed at Jason Vance, sometimes incorrectly. Many students were tweeting at Jason Vance as their superintendent, even though they are not in his county. Hunter Randolph (12) sent some snarky tweets towards administrators making the dangerous situation seem comical.

“Am I supposed to canoe to school tomorrow?” said Randolph.

The decision to keep school in session was definitely not a popular one amount student or parents. Tess Barnes (12) tweeted about the situation putting things in a simplistic perspective.

“I mean personally, I feel like we shouldn’t have to come to school if there are houses that are literally underwater but ok I guess,” said Barnes.

Sarcastic commentary about the administrator’s decision was all over Twitter and has definitely left students and parent with important concerns. Many believe not cancelling schools amidst dangerous weather conditions is a blatant disregard of student safety.