Chicken Tracker App Allows Users to Know Everything About Their Newest Meal


Recently, there has been a breakthrough in the poultry field. Over the past few years there has been a large rise in people paying a premium for organic foods or meat that was cage-free in its life. But with this new invention, consumers can now track the life that their chicken had.

According to Robyn Metcalf, a Food Historian at the University of Texas at Austin, “People who potentially will buy that chicken will know every step that that chicken has taken.”

This will allow these consumers to track their chicken’s every step. It goes into detail and provides information about when the chicken exercised and what it ate. In the future, the company plans to add in facial recognition to make sure it is the same chicken from the tracker that they end up eating.

Even though many people would like to track their chickens, the real benefit of the tracker is safety. These trackers can help pinpoint where an outbreak of disease – such as bird flu – broke out. It will also show the consumers how long these meats were exposed to warm weather, which may lead to contamination.

Instead of recalling millions of pounds of meat, major food sellers can see that their product is tainted, and recall it, instead of waiting for it to infect people.

This chicken tracker, if used correctly, can benefit society greatly. It can lead more people to know what is on their plate and how it lived. It can lead to safer meats and overall better quality of food.