DollyWood’s New Expansion!

Sage Hanks, Staff writer

What’s new in Dollywood? Dolly Parton has announced 37 million dollars new Dollywood expansion in 2019. Dollywood will be getting much bigger with the new nature-themed land, Wildwood Grove. It is Dollywood’s largest expansion in its 33-year history. The expansion will sit adjacent in the Timber Canyon area. The entrance will be located across from Mystery Mind. At the moment they have started building some of the attractions/buildings, but it is mostly gravel and dirt. Wildwood Grove will have 11 themed attractions.

Wildwood Tree: It will be a 55-foot tree that grows from a bunch of natural rocks and boulders. It will serve as the area’s focal point and feature nighttime shows and concerts. It canopy will be furnished with thousands of butterflies.

The Dragonflies: This will be a suspended 453-meter roller coaster that lets guests soar like a dragonfly. It mimics the flight of a smoky mountain dragonfly as it speeds through the area in an uncertain path.

The Black Bear Trail: This ride is for kids. Kids can hop on on the back of a mechanical bear for a ride around the area.

Sycamore Swing: This is a boat that looks like a leaf which will swing passengers back and forth.

Treetop Tower: This is a ride that will send the passengers 40 feet into the air in a huge acorn and it spins you them around so that they can see the smoky mountains.

Mad Mockingbird: The Mad Mockingbird is a ride that spins the guest in circles, and they can control their own experience by moving a sail.

Frogs and Fireflies: This ride guests can hop onto frogs and ride them as they race each other around a lily pad.

Hidden Hollow: Hidden Hollow is a 4,000-foot indoor, climate controlled climb structure with slides and games.

Wildwood Creek: An oasis with pop jets and splashing pools.

Till and Harvest: A restaurant that features fresh Southwest items including salads, slaw, a topping bar with salsas and a walk-up window that has churros and ice cream, burritos, and pulled pork.

The last attraction is that there are four new customized characters and entertainment including Flit and Flutter, butterfly ambassadors for the Wildwood Tree, and Benjamin Bear.

According to Dollywood’s press release, there will be 1 million dollars used for landscape that will have over 400 trees and 1,000 shrubs. In addition to all the new additions and experiences, Parton said that Wildwood Grove will need a supply a need of the park: to provide more space for the guest. “We needed to open it up more where people could actually be able to get around better,” Parton explained. Dollywood is taking this expansion to the next level. There are rides for everyone and multiple things for all ages to do. Not only is there lots more being added they even put a theme to it to keep the expansion together, as one. It is a good thing that there will be lots more space so not everything is just crammed together.

One student from Lenoir City High School, Julia Collins said, “I can’t wait to go and see the new expansion and ride new rides”. It is guaranteed that this expansion will be new and big. Dollywood 2019 new expansion, coming soon!