French Family Brings Measles Back To Costa Rica

A French Family that doesn’t believe in vaccinations had recently gone to Costa Rica. The boy was affiliated with what the family assumed was just a rash.

They figured out, after visiting a private doctor, that their young son had contracted measles from a classmate of his. This is bad news for Costa Rica.

Costa Rica had just gotten rid of their last case of the measles back in 2014, but now it’s back. Many precautions have to be done to make sure the outbreak of measles can be contained.

Evelyn Samano (10) shared her thoughts on vaccinations.

“They should of vaccinated their kid to make sure he wouldn’t contract diseases like this. Now they’ve brought back a disease the country has fought a long time for to get rid of,” said Samano.

With a few precautions from this family they could of prevented the outbreak of the measles in Costa Rica again.