Murderer on the Loose in Lenoir City


Justin Kincaid, Staff Goon

Kids all across Loudon county were confused and scared last monday when all of Lenoir City Schools were put onto a lockdown. Many of the students had little to no idea as to why. For some people, lockdowns can be a very nerve racking time.

“Lockdowns have always scared me, but I trust our school to keep us safe,” said Nick Abernathy, a LCHS junior.

Rumors quickly started spreading about what had happened, and this led to even more chaos among the students. Lenoir City High School sophomore, Stephen Tilley, was among the mass of students who were in this terrifying situation.

“I was very scared at the beginning, with the rumors just being there was a murderer in the area, but ultimately I am very glad we are now safe,” said Tilley.

In reality, 26-year-old David Miles had went on the run after stealing guns from his brother and killed his friend.

The mother of the victim then went on to say she believed there was a “third party manipulator” behind the murder of her son, and went on to say “He’d do anything for anybody.”

This was a area-wide fiasco and was handled very well. Miles was captured at the intersection of Walker Springs Road and Bridgewater Road four hours after the search had started.