Nashville Predators take the win

On the 19th of February, the Nashville Predators went up against the Dallas Stars in the American Airlines Center. In the first period of the game, Fagan full stride shots and gets stopped by Rinne. Boyle comes in too hard making him smash into the end boards.

Nashville scored the first point of the night against the Stars. Brian Boyle scored for the Predators, his goal being bigger than the last as it was blocked by three of the Stars players.

The second period started and Spezza hit Josi’s stick, changing the direction of the puck and helping Spezza score the first point of the night for the Stars. The puck got loose from the Stars and the Predators swooped in and took the puck, hit it at the goal but was stopped short by the Stars. Grimaldi sped down the ice, hit the puck hard into the goal and took the Stars goalie down onto the ice. The Stars rebounded by getting their second goal of the night. The fans stood up and cheered. The Stars turned the game around as Nashville’s goalie went down in an attempt to block the shot but was unsuccessful. Nashville made sure that this didn’t stay this way for too long, as they scored again, tying the game.

The third period began and #13 on the Stars skated behind the goal and attempted to shoot, but was blocked by the Predators goalie. Josi went around the other goal and made a similar shot, winning another point for the Predators. With 30 seconds left in the game, the Predators were halfway on the other side of the ice when they shot the puck down the ice and scored thanks to the unattentive goalie. The Predators won the game 5 to 3.

Local student Mackenzie Bentley (10) said, “It was an amazing game and I’m glad the Predators won.”

Hopefully this game is a prediction that the Predators will win their next game on the 21st.