Happy Death Day 2U!!!

Happy Death Day 2U:

In October 13, 2017, Happy Death Day came out. The movie is about a girl who wakes up in a boy’s dorm room on her birthday. As she goes throughout the day, she is killed by a masked killer. The next day she wakes up in the same room on the same day. She figures out that she needs to find out who her killer is and then kill whoever that is to end the cycle.

Now, on February 13, 2019 Happy Death Day 2U came out. You may ask, what would this one be about? This movie does have a relationship to the first movie. You do not necessarily need to see the first one to watch the second one though.

In this movie, the same girl from the first movie figures out that she had got stuck in a different universe, a parallel universe. The people in her life have changed. Being in a parallel universe, she realizes that everything is different there. She ends up being the target of the masked killer once again.

Once she finds out that the masked killer is now after her inner circle, she must die over and over again to save her friends and family.

These two movies are not really scary movies. They are more of a thrilling, exciting movie that can make you jump. Happy Death Day 2U has more events that happen than in the first movie.

One student, Cody Cline, (10) said, “I think that this one will be better than the first movie.”

Happy Death Day 2U is more interesting than the first movie made. What do you think?