Welcome Back, Shane Dawson

Many people have heard the term conspiracy theories, but there are not many people who have made a life out of it. For this Youtube star, the name conspiracy theory has changed his life forever. Shane Dawson is someone many people know of and like. He’s known for his conspiracy theories on many different things, from Chuck E Cheese pizza being reused to his theory on Jack Paul being a sociopath. Shane Dawson has thought of it all and has started to make a life out of it.

Shane Dawson is known as an actor, Youtube artist, writer, and so much more, but many high schoolers know him over his theories on life. Maddie Denton, a sophomore at Lenoir City High School, is one of his big fans.

“Shane’s theories over all the fires going on in the world and how he believes they were planted made me like him so much more. He gave me something to look into and wonder about,”  said Denton.

Kayla Tuttle (10) has also been a fan of Shane Dawson for four years and continued to love him and his work even through his four month hiatus.

“It changed my opinion on Chuck E Cheese and there was no way that it wasn’t a fact, it made so much sense. He went and observed it and did all the research on it,” said Tuttle.

With many theories of Chuck E Cheese pizza being reused, Shane Dawson put this to a real test. He went and observed the pizza. He even took it into his own hands and ordered a pizza that the cooks would have to cook and then ordered one that could be reused. Him and his video editor ended up taking the pizzas home and measuring each and every cut.

Shane Dawson has many theories on different things in life and he continues everyday to learn more things and post new videos. He keeps many of his fans interested and his subscribers keep increasing and so does his fan base.