Man High on Methamphetamines Runs from Police, Runs Down I-40 Nude


Justin Kincaid, Staff Writer

Many drivers last Thursday were in for a very unexpected view when they saw a naked man sprinting away from cops on the side of I-40.

Dispatchers from the Lebanon Police department received an influx of reports of a reckless driver on the interstate. When officers found the driver in question, he was driving down the wrong side of the interstate.

He then proceeded to try and drive away from the cops, which led to a short police chase. Forty-Eight year old Gerald Pritchett of Lebanon then jumped out of his window and attempted to flee on foot, with his only clothing being his pants around his ankles.

Pritchett, who admitted to being under the influence of methamphetamine once caught, was taken into custody and is expected to face multiple charges at Wilson County Jail after he is released from the hospital.

“I would obviously be very confused and surprised. It’s not everyday you see a naked man running down the interstate.” said Chloe Young.

This is just one example of how drugs are affecting people in our society.