College Acceptances for Seniors

Ashlyn Gossage, Staff Writer


It’s almost time for early graduation and a whole semester away from the other seniors to go. With graduation comes college and seniors getting ready to move on to the next part of their lives. Some of our own seniors have already gotten their acceptance letters and have chosen where they are going.

Rachel Scheffer (12) has made her decision on Milligan College, which is a private school in Elizabethon, Tennessee.

“It is a small, private, Christian college, which is what I was looking for in a college. Everyone there is so nice and seems to genuinely love their time at Milligan. Also, I will fit in very well with their swim team,” said Scheffer

Sheffer also has a plan for what she is going to major in. Mechanical Engineering is the way for her with the inspiration from her high school classes.

Another senior with an engineering passion is Haley Fuller (12). She has been accepted into four colleges, but has her heart set on Louisiana State University.

“LSU is in the top 1% of colleges and is considered elite, so I know it is a good school, and I will get a good education out of it. Two out of three students there graduate debt free, and most are guaranteed a job right out of college with some pretty good companies (Chevrolet, Chevron, Shell, Dow, Ford, etc),” said Fuller.

Fuller will be majoring in chemical engineering with a minor in nuclear power engineering.

I chose it because chemistry and engineering have always been my passion,” said Fuller.

Along with going into her dream field, Fuller will have some troubles away from home but she is having a positive outlook.

I think what I will miss most is being close to my family and friends; it’s going to be a whole new place that will take some getting used to, and I won’t be able to come home whenever I want, and I won’t really know anyone when I get there, but sometimes life is about taking that jump and putting yourself out there. For me, it’s about following my passions and where they take me. It’s just a really proud accomplishment of mine,” said Fuller.

As the seniors approach the end of their high school lives, they are celebrating with the achievement of getting into a college and starting their new chapter.