Giving Thanks for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the time of being thankful for our friends, family, and what we have. For many of us, Thanksgiving is a time of stuffing your face full of food, such as for Allie Lewis (9).

“I’m going to four different houses (for Thanksgiving),” said Lewis.

As with any Thanksgiving, someone has to work for hours making all the delicious food for everyone to eat. Gina Reid (9) and her mom will be baking.

“(We’re making) pumpkin pie, apple pie, and a french pie my cousin wants us to make,” says Reid (9).

And then there are the poor folks who have to go to work to serve those of us who are too lazy to cook and would rather pay for a meal.

“I have to work all day. I work at Cracker Barrel. It’s mandatory work day since so many people go to Cracker Barrel for Thanksgiving,”  says Sam Thomas (11).

Whatever it may be, everyone is excited to be off from school for three days. It will be a well deserved break for everyone. A break many plan on using to visit relatives they haven’t seen a while.

“I’m going to South Carolina to visit my great grandmother,” says Alexis Butler (11).

For others, they just plan on spending time with those around them.

“I plan on hanging out with my family on Thanksgiving. We’re going to eat and say what we are thankful for,” says Gabe Lane (9).

While Thanksgiving maybe a holiday many just overlook because their too excited for Christmas, it is still one that we all look forward to each year to spend with those we care about. And yeah, the next day we proceed to rip each other apart over a $5.99 pajama set at Walmart. But at least we can appreciate each other the day before.