Red Dead Redemption 2: More Than A Game


Abby Kennedy, Staff Writer

That whole time period interests me which is why [the game] is fun to me.

— Alex Bright (11)

While many may believe that video games have already been made in all shapes and sizes, a new game has hit the market and it has already made the top ranks for 2018. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a step ahead of the first Red Dead Redemption. The graphics, gameplay, and storyline all help in making the game one of the best of today.

The graphics in the game allow the American western frontier to come alive for the player. The main character, Dutch Van der Linde, is an outlaw and criminal in the west and allows for the player to see how the life of a frontier bandit would be. The graphics allow for it to be more realistic for the player and set the scene of the game. Students like Alex Bright (11) appreciate the details of the graphics and how it makes the game feel much more real and involved.

“I like the horses because they are very realistic,” said Bright.

The gameplay is drastically different of the previous Red Dead Redemption I because of the advanced options for combat and NPC (non-player character) interactions that are available to the player. These new options also allow for the player to decide the course of actions that they take. For example, the player can accept or decline missions that derive from the basic campaign. These new options also allow for more submersion into the game with real-life options that do not limit the virtual reality experience: fishing, visiting a barber, skinning a kill, and selling things to a butcher.

Also, the inter-character interactions have various options for the player to choose from. They have the option to be friendly or even threaten the person they are talking to. This makes the game have many options for how it could be played, so it could almost never be played the same way twice.

“You have to feed [the horses], groom them, and take care of them so they do not die,” said Bright.

Since Red Dead Redemption II is set in the American Frontier, there are many opportunities for different plot lines. The various opportunities for the player during gameplay allow for the storyline to change at any point throughout the game. The plot follows a criminal gang from the previous game, Red Dead Redemption I, as they go through hard circumstances while travelling across the United States. It begins with the group making a hasty escape from a heist gone wrong. The story evolves as one of love and hate; honesty and deception; and sanity and mania. The characters are able to experience what are almost like real-life experiences though the relationships they share with one another.

“I like cowboys in that kind of time. That whole time period interests me which is why [the game] seems fun to me,” said Bright.

All in all, the game introduces many new improvements when compared to the original Red Dead Redemption. The graphics, gameplay opportunities, and plot line all allow for the game to blow players’ minds and continue to bring in more sales.