Waffle House and Its Tragedies

In the heart of Lenoir City, there is a restaurant that brings the enduring citizens together. This empire is known as Waffle House. However, this August they tore down this seed of light that illuminates the darkness. Students felt like they were affected the most.

“The fact you can get scattered, smothered, and covered on anything is admirable. But all the time when I went to Waffle House, the restaurant inspired… now I have lost motivation,” said Hunter Randolph (12).

The king of Waffle-making establishments was a gathering place after many local high school games. When the news spread when there was not other restaurant that stayed open after 11, chaos set loose.

“I texted all my friends and we worried about our plans after the game. I couldn’t wrap my head around the destruction. It was like a celebrity death,” said Faith Simmons (12).

Just when the community thought it was gone forever, they saw the word “new.” The Waffle House is actually getting rebuilt in the winter of 2018.

“When I first heard of it, I thought the restaurant was disappearing forever but then the community got confirmation when a new Waffle House frame went back up. It gonna be fun when basketball season comes around,” said Nick Pafunda.

In the end, the community will be together and stronger when this mid-life crisis is over.