New Season, New Vols

It is football season here in Tennessee, and Vols fans are getting prepared in every way possible for the games to come. Many thoughts have come up with the changes of coaching staff, but the true Vols fans are preparing for this season just like they would in years past. With purchasing Volunteer gear and looking for the cheapest tickets around, Vols fans are starting this season off stronger than ever.

Students at LCHS are known to lose hope in the Vols, but Ethan Howerd (11) has stayed strong and loyal to the team.

“They’re rebuilding with getting a new coach, so it’s going to be a rocky start,” said Howerd.

With the Vols starting with new coach Jeremy Pruitt, they face the pressure of seeing what he can do. With a not so good start against West Virginia (40-14), many people have lost hope in their Vols.

But the true fans, like Trevor Mayes (11), are the ones who never lose hope in their team. They still believe the Vols will have an amazing comeback from their terrible season in the last year.

“I think we’re going to go to a bowl game.” Stated Mayes.

Not all people have lost hope in their team coming back from the dead. The Vols have the same chance as any other team this season and they will continue to fight and improve as the season goes on. Keep your head high Vols fans, because your team is fighting hard and will not disappoint.