Dear LCHS: a farewell


It has come: the bittersweet ending to a defining four years. Okay, let us be honest, it will not be the ending until May 19th when my mother is in the stands crying when my name is called and I get to stare at the floors of the gym after all the confetti and silly string is thrown about and when I step in the commons area to get my diploma.

I am not going to lie. I am super excited that high school is over. I am ecstatic to move on. But of course, like all other high school stories, I have some reasons to be sad about leaving my soon to be alma mater. However, I will respectfully decline ever writing this is moment of sentiment.

Four years is a long time, no matter how short it has felt. I have met a lot of people and learned a lot of things in and out of the classroom.

I have found a network of safe places, and these places have always been felt with a number of humans that are not opposed to welcoming you with a warm hug. I have found a space where I was able to express myself and navigate the intricate buildings of our society. I have found a home with Mr Johnston’s theatre class and with Mrs. Wallace’s journalism class. But most importantly, I have found the hardest thing to find in life: myself.

I remember sophomore year I was overwhelmed with geometry and the identity I thought I had to be. I am happy to say that I more confident in how I present myself to the world around me. Now, if only I could I could figure out trigonometry.

But I did not simply wake up one day and figure out all the answers to the universe by myself overnight. The aforementioned humans with warm hugs have made quite an impact in my life and now I have to say goodbye to their warm hugs and warm smiles. Get your tissues ready, folks.

Freshman year, a group of friends and I (out of inane boredom and intrigue in all things medieval) created a group by the literal name of Knights of the Round Table. We did nothing special of it, but we gave each other titles and roles and then we ate lunch every day together. That was the specialness to it: friends who did not care about the fundamentals of high school and were slightly obsessed with keeping characteristics of middle school in an older environment. Truth be told, I met some of my best friends through the Knights. To you guys, I say adieu.

Teachers are the people that make the world go round. I am very appreciative of my time spent with these intelligent, world changing humans. Thank you for taking time to teach me and put up with my peers and me. Ciao!

Then, there are my favorite people in theatre, journalism, and diversity club. First of all, I cannot believe I am leaving the most fantastic people in the world. You deserve the best high school experience Lenoir City can give. I love you guys. Goodbye.

It has been the longest and shortest road and there is way more to come for me and all the other students graduating on May 19th. I cannot even imagine the future of LCHS, but I hope it is a good one (maybe one where we get air conditioning in the gym). To all the students and faculty of Lenoir City High School, I tip my hat to you — and then throw it up in the air — and I wish you good luck.

Charlie Finger out.