Waffle House Hero


Humans are capable of committing heinous acts that seem unfathomable to common people. Specifically in America, there have been many shootings, bombings, stabbings, and other dangerous incidents in the past year. This shows the potential danger by man. As people, we seem to draw attention to the negative news rather than the positive news. During a recent shooting, a man heroically saved many potential victims from getting killed.

In the early morning, on April 22, a deranged man attacked a Waffle House in Nashville, Tennessee. He was armed with a semi-automatic rifle and was partially nude, only wearing an overcoat. The man, identified as Travis Jeffrey Reinking, got out of his truck and shot two people outside of the building. He then proceeded to walk inside the building and continue firing, critically injuring two more. As he was shooting, a man who was hiding by the restrooms decided to rush towards the shooter. This man was James Shaw Jr, a 29 year old Tennessee resident.

Shaw rushed at the shooter and wrestled him for the gun. Once he broke it free from the shooter’s hand, the shooter fled from the scene. Police and immediate response crews arrived at the scene to help the injured, but the shooter was gone. This caused a 34-hour manhunt looking for the shooter. A construction worker reported the sight of the suspect in a wooded area near the same Waffle House. This lead to the capture of Travis Reinking, who was still armed with another semi-automatic weapon and ammunition.

James Shaw Jr made a heroic attempt to save his own life and in the process, saved others. That is not the only righteous act he has done for the victims. After the incident, Shaw made a GoFundMe page to help the families of the victims. Gofundme.com is a fundraiser website used to ask people for money for different reasons. Shaw initially set a $15,000 goal on the page. Since the incident, he has raised $227,000 for the families of the victims.

With all the bad in the world, it seems as if it is hard to find good. After this horrific event, Shaw found a way to be the good in the world people are looking for. Many of the families of the victims and the potential victims from the incident are thanking Shaw for his contributions and courageous act.