The Perfect Promposal


Have you ever had to ask someone something that you were nervous about? For high schoolers, asking someone to prom can be a very nerve-wracking task. One way to take some of the stress and awkwardness away is to ask someone to prom through a promposal.

Promposals have become the perfect way to ask someone to be your prom date. A promposal is defined as “an elaborately staged request to be someone’s date to a prom,” but not every promposal has to be extremely elaborate. Some simple promposals have consisted of buying a dozen doughnuts and creating a cute phrase or pun to form the question.

One thing you should consider when planning your promposal is who you are going to ask and what type of stuff are they into. When choosing someone to ask to prom, you should choose someone who shares some similar interests to you. After all, you want to be able to have a night filled with fun that you’ll never forget. If the person is an athlete you can look up promposal ideas based upon the sport they play. If they like a certain type of food, movie, or tv show, you can theme your promposal to that thing. There are so many different ways to ask your potential date and that’s why promposals are so fun.

Carmen Byerly (12) decided to make the most of her promposal. This year, for prom, she really wanted to take her friend Josh. Carmen and Josh have participated in the science bowl together for 3 years, so she wanted to ask him through that.

“I got Mr. Camp involved and asked him to read a toss up question about prom, and when I buzzed in, I asked him to prom. Not that many people are involved in academic organizations like TN Science Bowl, and I knew I wanted to go with a friend, so I asked him through something that we both enjoyed,” said Byerly.  

Weather you chose to do a promposal geared towards things you and your potential date have in common, or if you chose to do a more simple promposal, they are a cute, fun way to pop the big question.