LCHS’ 1st Industry Expo


Charlie Finger

One of the manufacturers’ tables at the expo: Monterey Mushrooms.

On April 5th, Lenoir City High School hosted the first Industry Expo for students and their parents. The exposition allowed the community to find out information about the different industries in the Loudon County area and have a chance to grab an application from the manufacturers. The event was from one to six in the afternoon, giving students ample opportunity to swing by with or without their guardians to see the jobs on display.


“[There are] forty industries in this county alone. There are [job opportunities for] engineers, technicians, and marketers,” said Mrs Harris, whilst talking to the assembly of students in the gym when the expo first started.


The representatives of the companies that were invited to the expo offered a short introduction at the begin of the assembly. They covered the businesses they worked for, what those businesses do, and a small sense of what the company is looking for.


“I received an email from Mrs. Towns. I hope that they realize they have forty manufacturers in the county. We always like to get the word out that we are here. We don’t [deal with] a lot of local businesses so a lot of people don’t know about us,” said Shelley Smith of Vytron.


Not only were the manufacturers offering applications and knowledge, but the expo was full of different treats, like free cookies, dog treats, and other pieces of merchandise and products from the companies.


The Industry Expo gave students a lot to think about: where their futures are headed, where they want to work in the foreseeable future, and what they should be thinking about to accommodate the future they foresee. Hopefully, the expo will come annually to the school and give incoming freshmen the chance to see the different jobs around them.