A Much Needed Break


Do you need a break from all the homework, tests, and craziness? Don’t fret, spring break is right around the corner. Spring break is the perfect opportunity for students to take a break from their studies and relax for a change.

For some students, spring break means they can staying up all night catching up on their favorite show, and then sleeping till noon the next day. Reagan Swain (11) plans to do just that.

¨I plan on catching up on Scandal,¨ said Swain.

Swain enjoys watching the show because it is so intense.

¨I am currently on Season 3 episode 5. I enjoy this show because it is such a thrilling show,¨ said Swain

Although some students like Swain may spend their spring break watching their favorite shows, some students enjoy their spring break by travelling to different places such as the beach, the lake, the Grand Canyon, sightseeing in a big city, and much more.

Lauren McQuilkin (10) and her family plan on taking a trip to North Myrtle Beach for spring break. They plan on staying at her great grandmother’s beach house for the week. McQuilkin explains that she is excited to be on spring break.

¨ I am excited to be able to get out of Lenoir City for the week. I plan on spending most of my time at the beach hanging out with my sisters,¨ said McQuilkin.

Although the beach is a very popular destination to go on spring break, Anna Lathem (12) plans on exploring a big city. Lathem plans on traveling to New York for spring break. She plans to fly out of Knoxville on Thursday, March 8th. Lathem is very excited for the trip.

¨ I am so excited to see a different culture  and a new city. It will be cool to see a city that is so big and has such a fast pace of living,” said Latham.