New Sheriff in Town

Eli Wisham & David Weaver , Staff writers

​ This year, Mr. Orr replaced our long standing principal, Steven Millsaps, following his retirement at the end of the year. Mr. Orr is the former principal of Lenoir City Intermediate and Middle School. For the past fourteen years, Mr. Orr has held the positions of a math and science teacher at a middle school level, coach and assistant coach of boy and girl basketball, fastpitch softball, baseball, and football, and also assistant principal. Orr’s favorite aspect of the job is being around the kids, but his least favorite part of his job is dealing with all the paperwork that is associated with his job.​ Mr. Orr became a principal because the opportunity presented itself. He says that he does like our school. Mr. Orr likes LCHS, but he notes that, “The kids are a lot bigger, and there’s a lot more of them.” He also said that the student body stands out because to him, there “…seems to be a large number of good kids,” being just one of the contributions to why he enjoys his job.

​ His transition from his former school to LCHS has been easier, due to the fact Mr. Orr did not change school districts. He said that, “…you should appreciate everyday in high school, and do everything that you can to graduate.”