The History Today


Alondra A.C.

Today in history, many things have happened. From music to special events that took place in the same date today as back in history. From the early 1900’s to the late 1900’s, many exciting events happened that people of this generation don’t know about.

Starting on February 15, 1903, the very first teddy bear was put in stores. Both inventor and store owner, Morris Michtom, set out the first teddy bear for sale at his store. The president at that time was Theodore Roosevelt; therefore, Michtom asked for the president’s permission to use the name “Teddy.” Many toymakers started copying Michtom’s invention, so teddy bears became a childhood toy.

Brian Zavala (10) give his opinion on how teddy bears help children.

“[Teddy bear’s] helped comfort children when they [are] in need of comfort from someone,” said Zavala.

A couple years later, in February 20, 1944, the Batman and Robin comic strip premiered in the newspapers. In the 1940’s comic strips, Batman introduces his sidekick Robin, also known as Wonder Boy. The 1944 comic strip was the very first premiere with both Batman and Robin. When Batman got Robin as a sidekick, Batman became more of a father figure. Also, the specific 1944 comic strip was Batman and Robin’s first time-travel experience.

In February 21, 1948, NASCAR (the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) was found. NASCAR is a family-owned and operated business for stock car racing in more than 30 U.S. states, Canada, Europe, and Mexico. The first race under NASCAR happened on February 15, 1948 on Daytona’s beach-road course. NASCAR became a legal corporation six days later after the race. Since then, NASCAR has become a popular motorsport for people to go to and enjoy watching the races.

A very popular fairytale, Cinderella, is about a girl who grows up with  a mean stepmother after her father passes away. Disney’s film adaptation of this fairytale was released on February 15, 1950. It took six years to make this movie. All that time taken to make the movie seemed to have paid off, for it became a best-loved Disney film. Over the years there have been many periodic re-releases of this film. This means that there have been little differences made after each film. The film Cinderella was popular and still is. Many families still enjoy sitting down watching this movie with their children showing them a fairytale filled with magic.

Andrea Segovia (11) gives her thoughts on how Cinderella inspired her. She also talks about how it made her think about life.

“Cinderella was an inspiration for me. It helped me believe in dreams and see the true beauty of the pure heart. [It told me] that no matter how bad people treat you there will always be someone who cares. [Also,] that not everyone will treat you right in life, but that should never stop you for achieving your dream,” said Segovia.

Elvis Presley accomplished many things throughout his career. One of these accomplishments happened on February 16, 1968, as he won a gold record for How Great Thou Art. This was his twenty-eighth studio album. Presley was named the “king of rock n roll,” but he also had a love for gospel music. The album How Great Thou Art is a full-length gospel album. This was his second gospel album he had made.

A decision was made for the state of Tennessee on February 15, 1982. The Tennessee General Assembly voted “Rocky Top” as the fifth official state song. The song “Rocky Top” is a bluegrass tune and it was originally recorded by The Osborne Brothers. They recorded this song in November 1967, but did not really become popular till the late 1970’s.

While we look back at the things that happened in the past, we should be prepared for all the things that will happen in the future.