Uncle, Duke, and the Chief: A New Album by Born Ruffians

Uncle, Duke, and the Chief: A New Album by Born Ruffians

The Canadian indie rock band Born Ruffians released their most recent studio album, Uncle, Duke, & The Chief on February 16th of 2018. This is their fifth studio album, but this is the first one that they solely released through the record label Paper Bag Records. It was released after their three year break before their second latest album, Ruff.

Born Ruffians has grown to be one of my favorite bands, although their style has changed throughout the years. This new album has a few different elements than past albums, but definitely sustains the distinct sound of the band. They have a “vibe” that is very different than a lot of other indie rock bands out there; they have a lot more energy, and the main vocalist has a wonderful, unique voice.

I love listening to their music because the stories that they tell through it have such an impact on me, they’re one of those few musical artists where I can sit and do nothing but listen to their music and be fully enveloped and captivated by their lyricism and instrumentals. They have a very upbeat energy to them, with an occasional slow song thrown in for contrast.

As for the new album, it has many more pop elements to it in comparison to the rest of the albums they have released. A lot of repetition is used through many of the songs, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it makes it feel more like an indie pop album than an indie rock album. There is also more use of synthetic, electronic sounds which creates a more atmospheric feel. My favorite album, Red, Yellow, and Blue, sticks to more of the basic instrumentals, with electric guitar, bass, and drums. The only disappointing thing about this album for me is the lack of complex lyricism, since that is one of the most important parts of their music for me. I wish they would have included more story-focused songs, but overall the album was pretty good.

If you are into indie, rock, or pop music, I would definitely recommend checking out the band, as well as looking through their older music.