The Disaster Artist and The Room: the Best of the Worst


The Room, a drama written, directed, produced and starring Tommy Wiseau, is amiably remembered as one of the worst films in cinematic history. The Disaster Artist is a movie detailing the events of the original movie in a drama. Interestingly, The Disaster Artist is also produced, directed and stars James Franco, who plays Tommy Wiseau. His brother Dave Franco plays Wiseau’s friend and costar, Greg Sestero.
The Disaster Artist entails the life of two friends that meet at acting lessons. Greg watches Tommy perform an exuberant scene and asks him after class if he would help to improve his acting and help him become more of a fearless performer. After Tommy shows Greg “the ropes” of acting, they decide to move LA and set out making a name for themselves. Tommy just happens to own an apartment in LA even though he has no explanation to Greg as to were his wealth comes from. Tommy also claims to be from Louisiana despite his comically thick and distinct accent. After uneventful career explorations, the two friends decide to make a movie together: The Room. Tommy pays for the whole film out of pocket (with a budget exceeding 6 million dollars) and the public reaction is, well, priceless.
The unbelievable true story of a film so bad it is legendary for its downfall is captured in The Disaster Artist. The comedy is priceless and tasteful, the plot is enjoyable and hilarious, and the Franco brothers do a stupendous job capturing the personalities of these remarkable two characters. This incredible true story is told with artistic wit and style, and the cult following and fans of The Room will undoubtedly be impressed. If you are a movie buff or just want to split your seams with laughter, The Disaster Artist is the film you need to see. It is truly the best of the worst. Oh, and one last thing. I almost forgot: Oh, hi Mark!