BROCKHAMPTON: Over Saturated


Listening to the radio, it’s immediately apparent to most everyone that the most popular music today is not in fact pop music. Nowadays, the Top 40 is predominately songs that fall under the categories of modern R&B and hip-hop. Rappers are the new rockstars, (coincidentally, currently in the Top 40 is a hip-hop song by artist Post Malone titled “rockstar,”).
However, as it is with every popular genre of music, there exists a vast underground of alternative sounds and artists within the genre, generally unknown by the casual listener. One of the biggest lesser-known groups (I know, I know, oxymoron) is brockhampton, stylized as BROCKHAMPTON. They’re a hip-hop collective–a group of rappers and R&B artists who come together to create music–although they describe themselves as a “boy band.”
Together, BROCKHAMPTON released their first mixtape ALL-AMERICAN TRASH in March of 2016. Later, in 2017, they released their first full album SATURATION on June 9th, with the follow up album SATURATION II coming in August of that same year. Then, unfortunately, on December 1st, the Twitter account for BROCKHAMPTON tweeted an image of what is presumably the cover for SATURATION III, the image reading “SATURATION III. DECEMBER 15th. THE LAST STUDIO ALBUM BY BROCKHAMPTON.”
This announcement is a sad one to fans of the group. There has been no official statement yet from the group regarding why this is happening.
As a fan of BROCKHAMPTON, Bailey Fritz (12) describes how she feels about the groups dissolvement.
“It’s a shame to see them go, but I think four albums is a good amount of music. What they have released is pretty good. I guess if they all want to go on their own individual paths, they would probably be successful in that,” said Fritz.
Even though the group won’t be producing any more music together, all of their music is still available online.