A Hollywood couple is back again!!


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Hollywood couples are always unpredictable, and with all of the pressure that press and their fans give to them, it is very difficult for them to have such a healthy relationship without having rumors spread. This year, the world was surprised that the singers Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were seen together after their 2014 break up. The two went to eat dinner at Morton’s steakhouse after a church service. They also have been seen riding bicycles and getting breakfast together.

    Selena Gomez, who passed by a lot of challenges (i.e.health problems) during this year, just ended her relationship with the singer The Weeknd via a phone call after six months of being in a relationship. After this happened,  Bieber and Gomez were seen back together after not talking. The media started to stir rumors saying that this was an unexpected apparition, but later stated that nothing was confirmed at the moment. A source told U.S. week that “They have both grown up tremendously and think that this is their time to get back to where they were before, but more in love than ever.”

Bieber and Gomez were together from 2011 to 2014. After their breakup, Selena went through a lot of conflicts such as her lupus disease, and her relationship with Bieber gave her insecurities. She then had to cancel her ‘Revival’ world tour in order to attend rehab that lasted 90 days. Gomez confessed in an interview that “sometimes you just need free time and focus on your mental health.”

Victoria Orellana (12) explains how having a good relationship would help your mental health.

    “I think that respecting your boyfriend or girlfriend and having a good relationship would help, and I think that if Justin was making Selena feel insecure, she should not be back with him,” said Orellana.

At the moment, neither Bieber nor Gomez have confirmed anything, but we all expect that in the coming weeks we will know if they are actually considering dating, or if they’re just trying to be friends.

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