Costume Controversy


Many Halloween costumes are viewed as funny or scary, such as a memes or political figures. This year, popular costumes include IT, Wonder Woman, and Taylor Swift. These outfits are representatives of what is popular or in style this year. Some, though, are viewed as offensive.

Recently, a costume was put out for Halloween on many different websites. The costume in question was Anne Frank. Many people have become enraged by the release of the Anne Frank costume. As a result, the offended took to Twitter to vent about their opinions towards the costume; however, one person didn’t go to Twitter to voice her opinions. Meagan Smith (11) verbally stated her view on the matter.

“I think that you should be able to wear what you want for halloween, but the choice of costume is not okay. Anne frank suffered through the holocaust and she should be remembered for her strength and endurance not because of a costume,” said Smith.  

Since the costume was released, many people have emailed, tweeted, and wrote to the websites’ administrators. A spokesman for the retailer released a statement that stated that the outfit was for school plays–not for Halloween. He also stated that they [] were deeply sorry and that they had pulled it off the website. Smith had an opinion on the costumes being used for plays also.

“Well, number 1: why would you have a play on the Holocaust for elementary schools? Number 2: It is not appropriate for little kids to wear because Anne Frank died in the Holocaust, and certain people could take offense to that. It is a poorly thought costume,” said Smith.

Anne Frank was a World War 2 hero and using her as a costume caused many people to complain. Hopefully next time, something this controversial will not become a costume.