Dora the Explosion?


Davina Lewis, Editor

Many popular animated shows are often made into live-action films, such as Alvin and the Chipmunks, Scooby Doo, The Cat in the Hat, and Fat Albert. These works are some that have been successful and enjoyable. Will the same statement apply to the upcoming Dora the Explorer live-action movie?

Since Hollywood-famous movie producer Michael Bay was rumored to have ties with this imminent film, people have become confused.  

Kate Adcox (12) shares her opinion on the matter.

“I think it doesn’t make sense because the charisma of Dora is that it’s animated. It’d be a little creepy to have a little girl talk to a fox or a monkey in boots in real life. It makes sense when it’s animated, as it is fictional and that is part of its charm,” said Adcox.

The plot is supposedly following a teenaged Dora who travels to the city in order to live with Diego, her cousin.

One strange coincidence happens to be a video posted in 2012 by satire group “CollegeHumor” pertaining to this exact occurrence: a live action rendition of a teen Dora; produced by Michael Bay. It is proposed that this may be a running joke. This is not true, as Paramount confirmed that Bay is not producing the film, nor does he have anything to do with it (apart from the rumors). The film is still in process, though.

No release date has been set yet; however it is rumored to be coming to the big screen in 2019.