Main Event Entertainment


Kayley Pickens, Staff Writer

You know when you want to make day long plans with friends but don’t feel like driving everywhere? Or if the activity you decide to do is too expensive for just one round or it just doesn’t take that much time and you and your friends are still searching for more activities to do? There is a place in Knoxville that allows to fill your day with fun activities and still keep the price low.

Main Event Entertainment is a brand new and exciting place to go have fun. The enormous building includes around 20 bowling lanes, a gravity ropes course, two-story indoor laser tag, billiards, around 100 to 150 arcade games, a restaurant, and a party area.

The activities are done by two choices: you can do the bowling, gravity ropes, and laser tag a la carte, or you can get a $20 wristband that either lasts from 9am-6pm, or from 6pm-12am. The arcade games are done by purchasing FunCards, which you go put actual money on to build up tickets to win prizes. The arcade games are from $.75 to $2.50 so choose your games wisely.

Main Event is a good place to go, but it’s an even better place to work. During their shift, the employees, if it’s not busy, get to have fun. Elijah Fox (11), an employee at Main Event, enjoys working there because of the great environment of the workplace and the people that he has become friends with.

“I thoroughly enjoy working there, the managers are great, and my co-workers are great people. I enjoy learning all the different jobs and getting the experience from it,” said Fox.

Main Event Entertainment is the way to go for a full day of fun. The food is cheap but good, the people are very kind and thoughtful if you need anything, and there is honestly not another place in Knoxville to have that many different activities without breaking your wallet.