Gas Prices


Gas prices have recently jumped in price by considerable amounts. It has gone up to at least up to 50 cents. The extra 50 may not seem like much to someone who doesn’t drive much, but for someone who commutes everyday, the rise in price can have a tremendous effect. Just add the numbers up and you will see. Say the gas before the spike was $2.20 a gallon. Now it is $2.70 a gallon. In a 15 gallon car a tank of gas at the regular prices is about $33. But with this spike, the same tank of gas costs $40.5. Filling up 1-3 times a week can really affect your everyday life by how much you drive and what you would spend at other places.

The prices in gas are not just jumping for no reason. Considering it is hurricane season, and with at least 3 major storm systems wiping the cost of florida and much of the gulf, the price is almost expected. Many major oil refineries and oil rigs are located not too far from the coast of the affected areas. The hurricanes have caused them to shut down for risk of further damage. With these major suppliers out of operation, we are limited to a supply of gas coming in. Now we may not have a shortage yet, but the rise in the price of gas is to hopefully prevent a shortage in the near future.

So the question is to spend or not spend the extra money on gas.

Alexis Huichapa (12) shares her opinions on this subject.

“I don’t plan on driving much because I pay for my gas and I would rather wait for prices to go down so I can save money,” said Huichapa.

In conclusion gas prices are very high at the moment and the ultimate decision is to either pay for the gas at such a premium price or drive less and hopefully not have to spend as much and wait for the prices to fall back down.