A Bold Review

‘The Bold Type’ is a television show, highlighting three women working for a magazine and their lives.


Screenshot of ‘The Bold Type’s homepage on Hulu, a streaming service. All ten episodes of the first season are up and it is not known if there will be a second season or if it will go up on Netflix, another streaming service.

As a female teenager who avidly streams television shows and movies, I am always looking for good series. So here I am, catering to the needs of those just like me, with another series I have watched and would recommend.


The Bold Type is about Kat, Sutton, and Jane–three best friends who all work at a magazine company. Jane is the writer who is discovering her voice on everything from politics to sex to health. Sutton dreams of becoming head of the fashion department at their company, Scarlet. Kat leds the social networking department. These three BFFs are making their own paths by questioning everything and finding out new things about themselves and others. Basically, this is a feminist show–or at least that is how I would define it.


The writers and directors are handling tough and realistic situations, always making sure that in the end, the watcher is questioning their identity or learning something. I like the plots and topics covered. I have seen myself and those I know amongst the characters and events. The characters are creative individuals, and the actors who play them are great at their jobs. They make the characters feel real, which immensely makes the show better.


To me, there are only a few areas of the show I would improve. Such as relationships and timing. Now do not get me wrong, the relationships are interesting and increase the enjoyability of episodes, but some of them are not my cup of tea. I have a few personal problems with Sutton’s and Jane’s first mates on the show; however they seemed mostly happy and were treated properly, which makes me happy.


I do love the dynamic relationship of the three of them. Their friendship is goals and very healthy. Sure there are ups and downs, but they lift up and love each other. Also, I love who Kat decides to date (even if I do not agree with the way everything was handled).


Timing makes things perfect, and words cannot tell you how much time bugs me on this series. I do not know what it is. Maybe it is how long the show is or how quickly problems are solved with.


So if you are looking for female empowerment, great friendships, or a work show, I say give The Bold Type a try. Maybe you will learn something. Maybe you will find me in the hallways and critique my show choices. Do not knock it until you try it.