A Goodbye Letter


Zoe Fred, Staff Writer

To Lenoir City High School:

My name is Zoe. This is my second year at LCHS and my senior year of high school. I am in choir, journalism, and theater. The past 2 years I’ve spent at this school are -without a doubt- life changing. I found a group of people where I really feel like I belong, I found ways to grow and express my abilities in creative ways, and I found a way to survive depression. Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to do all of this.


To Ian:

Where do I start? You are kind, funny, smart, and I would not have been so close to any of you if you had not joined AP Lit, or invited me to sit with you through the semester. You encourage and support me, you introduce me to fun and interesting shows like The Adventure Zone, and you put up with my stubborn self.


To Oats:

I literally would not be a part of Dead Man’s Farm if you had not dragged me with you to a build day, and I am so glad you did. I also wouldn’t be a part of theater if it weren’t for you. You really did make an impact on me by helping me get involved and broaden my interests.


To Andrew:

Andrew, I cannot express in words how proud I am of you. You are a big hearted, compassionate, hilarious, skilled, and intelligent person. You persevere and you survive, which is incredible. I know you get down on yourself, and I know you think that you’re kind of shoehorned into our group, but you are a necessary link in the chain. We all love you and believe in you, and I promise we will not lose you or forget you. <3


With my deepest regards,

Zoe Noel Fred