Hannah Jones, Writer

This week, April 24th, is the last week of high school for me. I didn’t always enjoy it, but the satisfaction that it is now over is worth it. These past four years have some of the absolute best moments of my life, and some of the worst. With my ending of high school, my start in college begins. I am moving out of Tennessee, and going on to college in Asheville.
As I go, goodbyes are a necessity, as I don’t know if I’ll see anyone until the first reunion. Mrs. Crabtree, thank you for all the life lessons learned from your class, the constant shout outs to kids, and making this place better. You pour so much into all your students trying to ensure our happiness. I am going to miss having such an amazing and caring teacher. Mrs. Miller, you are such a motherly person. You instilled a level of care in each of us students. You expected a level of knowledge, but made sure that we did it with respect. Thank you, and I hope you both the best.
Ms. Wallace and journalism, this class has been an immensely positive change for me. I didn’t have any hobby to take up any time, and I ended up learning a passion of mine. Photography lead me to go to events and enjoy my senior year. I had never gone to a high school football game, basketball game, baseball, or any events before this class. Thank you to everyone in the class who has helped make this year the happiest year of high school. Mrs. Wallace you have been the instigator of the change. You always make sure we are on the right track, or make us get on it. You always make sure we are happy and help us out, and I cannot tell you how beneficial that has been for everyone this past year.
Thank you to: everyone who has helped me grow, all my friends from freshman year who I no longer talk to and have grown themselves, anyone who helped me work my hardest. Goodbyes aren’t easy, so I’ll leave it as a thank you.