My Advice to You (Freshmen)



I remember when I was in the 8th grade and going into my freshman year. I was so nervous I was going to get lost my first day. The school to me seemed HUGE. I was going to be seeing so many more children rather than I did in middle school, because kids from North Middle were also coming.


It is completely normal to feel nervous, and yes it is also normal to get lost. I still get lost to this day trying to find my classes in the beginning of the year.


High school was so much more different, it felt like a new door was being opened to me. I loved how I was able to pick the classes that I wanted, and I could decide what would suit me best. They always told me to take the harder classes first, so I did. And it actually helped me.


In high school, we have a thing called the CTE building, which is a building where they have classes that are more focused into the career you are looking into. For example, I am very interested in the business management field, so I got to go into marketing classes, which I loved. I have a friend that is really into the medical field and she joined the health science classes. Now she gets to get out of school early and goes to do kind of like an internship and help doctors while getting a feel of what it is going to be in the real world.


We also offer a lot of clubs in high school, and I mean A LOT. There is a club just for about anything really. I am part of the LSA club, which stands for Latino Student Alliance. I am the president of the club and that club has been some of the best times that I have had in high school. it has opened my eyes to so many opportunities I have for being a minority.


I also enjoy a lot of art, photography, and cooking, which is why I liked to take a lot of art classes, along with culinary arts classes. I also ended up joining journalism, which is the yearbook staff. I got to take so many pictures and my pictures got to be shown to the whole entire school in the yearbook. That made me so happy.


Being in journalism, I really enjoyed for the most part taking pictures and capturing everyone’s happiness or action.


High school is a pretty scary place at first. But it is just there to prepare you for college and help you learn who you really are.
It will be filled of drama, love, bullying, homework, essays, but it is for you to make your own decisions and decide which path in life you want to go.