Friendly Blues: ‘Friends’ musical


Guess what’s back!

Do you all remember the show Friends? You know, the one with five friends that live in the same apartment building and sometimes the same apartment? Most 90’s and early 2000’s kids remember the hit show, famous for its antics and jokes.


Now take a look at Hamilton, the hit broadway musical that has shown producers, directors, and script writers to put lyrics and music to words and get inspiration from other sources, i.e. history and older television shows.


Don’t you wish you could have everything these two shows have to offer without having to watch two separate things? Well, writers have come up with a solution: a parodical musical based on Friends. You know what that means? Joey will once again ask you “how you doin’” while trying to clean out Monica’s refrigerator, and Marcel the monkey can sit on Ross’ shoulder again. They’re coming to you in the Fall of this year.


The news release of Friends the Musical followed announcements of Bayside the Musical and Full House the Musical. These are unauthorized.


Unfortunately, the original cast will not be a part of this production. But you might get to see the show’s alumni in the audience or making a cameo. “We want all the alumni of Friends to come to the show and possibly be in it for a night or two–our first call is to the agent of Marcel the Monkey,” Tobly McSmith (co-writer of the musical).


Click here to watch the Now Pop announcement video. Ticket sales will be announced soon. All you have to do now is wait for the show to fall in a water fountain during Fall this year in New York.


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