Something Old, Something New


Attendants at New York Comic Con 2014 take on the appearance of their favorite Rangers.

Zoe Fred, Staff Writer

Go go Power Rangers!

With the release of Lionsgate Studio’s Power Rangers, audiences are caught up in nostalgia while also experiencing the ingenuity of modern cinematography.

The story follows 5 run-of-the-mill teenagers who get swept up in an ancient battle between forces they do not yet understand. Each teen must learn to morph into their power armor and pilot their zords, giant robotic dinosaurs, before an old enemy unearths what she’s looking for.

The film has also been wildly popular on social media, as four of the five members of the team are people of color, two are women, one is LGBT, and one is even on the autism spectrum. Throughout the film, there are no jokes made at the expense of minorities. Comedy was instead conveyed through the characters’ situational reactions and well timed gags.

Emma Schrock, a junior at LCHS, most enjoyed the representation featured in the film. “I think it’s cool that they thought about how people would see it, and they specifically chose those groups [to represent],” said Schrock.

The film features a diverse cast, unique costuming, and quality special effects. It received a 47% from Rotten Tomato critics, but an average of 77% by audiences. I think it was a good way to introduce the modernisation of the Power Rangers universe. It was well written, well edited, and well performed. I would rate the film 8/10.