Conquering the ‘Inner Demons’


Julia Brennan poses for her ‘Inner Demons’ artist photo.

Charlie Finger, staff writer

So many people are looking around for music that tells them it is all okay or just for a song that fits with their playlist. With all the songs that are making their way through sound waves, finding the perfect fit is really hard.


That’s why I am here to save you a little more time by reviewing Julia Brennan’s ‘Inner Demons’ and giving brief commentary on a few of her other works.


They cheat and lie and steal and break and bruise. Angels please protect me from these rebels.


‘Inner Demons’ is reminiscent of Adele-and-Ruth-B-like styles that have made their way into our hearts over the years. Julia Brennan has this nice, soft, angelic voice that fits with the song and what she is singing about–angels fighting the inner demons making their way into your thoughts. I think this single would be a pain reliever to someone’s grief, reminding them that there are forces of good that can triumph over evil and at some point the bad happenings and thoughts will subside and be bright and easy to deal with.


I think that I would put this on a playlist for long commutes and sad days (when even ice cream can’t cure the sadness–which in itself is a sad thought). You should also check out the music video. It has a pretty aesthetic to it and I love the light, playful imagery, as well as the occasional symmetry.


And is it too much to ask to just be wanted? To feel the love I feel for you return?


‘I’m Not Her’ speaks the fear of rejection and comparison. Are you getting over a relationship that ended because their was someone else? Are you sick and tired of your parents/guardians saying you need to be more perfect like what’s-their-face? This is the song for you. It’s also a chill song to play at night to go to sleep to if you aren’t really paying any attention to the lyrics and just the melody of instruments.


‘Cause I may be homeless, but not hopeless. Fatherless but fearless.


‘A Light To Call Home’ calls unto contradictory to give its message. ‘A Light To Call Home’ holds true to Julia’s sound that has patterned through her other songs, making a nice, rainy day song.


Now that you’ve heard what I have to say about this upcoming artist and songwriter, go look for her work and see how you feel about it.


Special thanks to Teresa Ensenat for Julia’s picture, which can be seen as the photo for this article, and introducing me to new music.