Batter Up


On February 13, 2017,  the baseball season of LCHS started. The teams were practicing until the 17th of March when the games began. On the 17th, the team played their first game against Loudon High. Since then, they’ve played 7 games.

So far, the season hasn’t been going too well. The team has won one game since the season start. They beat William Blount High in extra innings. For those who aren’t aware of what innings are: an inning is when the teams have the chance to play as both defense and offense, alternating with three outs allowed for each team. In High School, they play 7 innings. If the game is tied at the end of the 7th inning, they keep going until it’s no longer tied. Thus, there are extra innings.

Although they have only won a single game, they have various strengths and weaknesses. Their defensive plays, such as double plays, throwing down, and hitting have been well executed throughout the season.

Though, the team has strengths, there are some skills they need to work on. Such skills are pitching, picking off, and base running. These are just a few examples. With more practice and hard work, these errors can be overcome, allowing the team to succeed by winning games.

If you would like to go watch the team play, the official schedule is on the Lenoir City High School website.