Samsung Galaxy s8 is almost here!

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Isidro Huichapa, Writter

Everyday technology advances to give us an easier life. Samsung is one of the brands that always improves to give better things to offer to their customers, and in this case, the new versions of the Samsung Galaxy are going to be released soon. Despite the fact that last year Samsung had a lot of conflicts with their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries and users started coming out and saying that their phones literally exploded. Samsung has been working on that since November, so now people are expecting what is gonna be new on the Samsung Galaxy 8 and Galaxy 8 Edge.

Samsung has been one big competitor for brands like Apple, but since the battery conflict started appearing Samsung has been losing customers. On Samsung’s official website they already posted an announcement in which they explain what really happened with the batteries of the Note 7. But in this case, Samsung has not posted any information about any characteristic that the Galaxy 8 might have.

Kylie Pelfrey (12) was asked which phone she would like to get.

“I think I would pick the iPhone because I’ve always had an iPhone and I trust them,“ Pelfrey  said.

She also explained some of her thoughts regarding the possibility of Samsung gaining some customers back with the Galaxy s8.

“I don’t think that [the Galaxy s8] would help Samsung to get more customers. While the Samsung Galaxy s8 is going to be really nice, a lot of people might not trust Samsung after what happened [even if Samsung already explained what happened],” Pelfrey said.

Some websites are now talking about the concepts of these two new devices. Some of the rumors that people have been saying are that the Samsung Galaxy s8 might get the edge’s double dose of curves, and they have been saying that the camera is going to be better like how Apple did with their iPhone 7 plus.

The revelation day is going to be on march 29, and the events are gonna be in New York and London. If you want to keep up with all of the news about new devices,visit Samsung’s website or you can follow Samsung on Twitter @SamsungMobileUS.