Keep Fighting.

Keep Fighting.

This is a copy of a speech I gave at my mother’s funeral. It wasn’t as much of a speech as it was me just talking about my mom. I know this isn’t something someone would typically use as an article topic, yet I wanted to just give out a short message. Do not take time for granted, my mom and I were on really bad terms when she passed and I regret it every single day. Yes, when something bad happens in your life you want to quit. You want to give up, but don’t. Everyone has something different in their life that has happened that has hurt them, but don’t give up.


“Throughout my whole life, my mom was my best friend.  She had primary custody of me. Even though my dad was around, I was with her way more than I was with him. My papaw and my mom were the two people I looked up to most when I was younger. I moved around a lot with my mom from the time I was 4 up until I was around the age of 12 and 13.

My mom was always my go-to. Yes, my mom has made many dumb decisions and no, she wasn’t perfect. But no one is perfect. I know a lot more than most 14 year olds when it comes to many things. But, so what? My mom most of the time was honest with me about what was going on.

My mom and I had a lot of fun memories, not just with me but with a lot of my friends. Many of my friends called my mom, “mom.” She was always there for people. I remember the time on my birthday my mom, me, Jewel, and Kaylee went out in the road and were dancing around and a cop pulled up at our house and told us to get out of the road. Or when she took me and Jewel roller skating, and took us back to John’s and she and I played tea pong. We then swore up and down there was a ghost in our house.

When I was younger I used to do everything with my best friend Hailey; Hailey also loved my mom and looked at her like her aunt. I remember me and Hailey playing dress up at the Woodlawn house, that was always my favorite. Or we would make my mom hide stuff around the house and we’d go on treasure hunts.

My mom was always the cool mom you could go to about anything. I remember when she had to come to my school and pick up me and Kaylee because Kaylee almost got into a fight. I remember all of our Walmart trips at 3 o’clock in the morning, those were my favorite. I have many fun memories with my mom, and I will treasure those.

My mom was like a second mom to many people, one of them being my amazing girlfriend. Apparently they used to have a lot of talks while I was in the shower. She was over pretty much every weekend (I was never complaining), but I think Halie talked to my mom more than she talked to me.

My mom has not only gone through a lot, but she’s put me through a lot. Many people said I would grow up and resent my mom. Which, yes, did start to happen. But, I wish I still came around more.. My mom wasn’t a perfect mother, my mom wasn’t a perfect person. But, she owned up to her mistakes. She was my perfect mother, and I miss her so much.

It’s going to be hard without her here. She’ll never get to see me graduate, or walk down the aisle. I know all of us miss her dearly. But, I think we can all (me especially) learn something from this. Don’t take time for granted. We don’t know what will happen next, and I really wish I learned this lesson sooner. I would’ve gone and seen her more.

Jacquelin Nicole Lockett, you were a goofball who loved to embarrass me, you loved to dress me up, you were a night owl, you loved to go to Starbucks, you were loud, you didn’t know when to shut up, you taught me how to cook and decorate cakes, you taught me how to braid hair, you taught me anything a little girl could know. And I want to thank you, I will never forget you mom. Never. Not a day will pass that you aren’t on my mind. I hope you’re up there with Glenn.. I love you mom.”