Delaware hostages at prison


Correction facility in Delaware where the incident happened.

We are all scared of hostage situations. We ask ourselves if we will be a part of one. We watch the news patiently when one of these waves pours over a location, especially here in the Home of the Free.


And then it happens. We are struck with horrifying grief and a sagging feeling when we hear the words “taken hostage” or “suspected dead.”


Unfortunately, this has happened in the state of Delaware at one of their prisons. On the first of February, there was a help signal over the radio from a corrections officer. The building the officer was in was full of 120 inmates. Responders were aware that sharp objects were used but no one had any understanding of what weapons were used according to CNN.


Four male and one female employees of the jail were used as hostages in the situation. Some of the people behind the takeover reported to the news that they wanted better treatment and education offered to the inmates along with a better rehabilitation program.


“I don’t understand how they thought rioting and committing another crime would free them from prison [or help their current situation],” Ashton Hall (11).


One officer was reported dead after the standoff was over. Inmates were returned to cells after being searched and removed from C Building. How and why this happened is currently being investigated by local and government law enforcements.


Now, don’t let this build onto your initial stereotype of people in prisons. Some have a hard time transitioning to the conditions. Other are put in bad situations that do not allow them to grow. And still others find themselves perfectly fine after their time is done.

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