Students March for Women’s Rights


Photo Submitted by Stacy Horton (12)

The Women’s March takes place in Knoxville, TN. The banner has the signatures of those who intended, including Kylie Preston (12) and her friends.

Here in the States, there is a serious amount of change happening.


Less than a month ago, Donald Trump was sworn in as the forty-fifth president of the United States and former President Barack Obama left the White House. With this transfer of power between a Democratic president to a Republican one, there has been a significant amount of concern expressed by many that is not unwarranted.


Trump has said many things against women in the past, (click on this link if you don’t believe me) and because of this women’s rights actativtists took to the streets the day after Inaugeration to voice their concern not only to Trump, but to the entire nation.


However, this march was not only in D.C. All across the country- and the world -thousands took part in the peaceful protests to let their opinions be heard.


Knoxville was no exception, where thousands gathered in Market Square at noon to bring light not only to women’s rights, but also to immigration and other major concerns discussed during the campaign. However, the students at LCHS didn’t exclude themselves from taking a stand.


Kyle Preston (12) was among several other students that took part of the march. Preston saw the event in the terms of history, and she didn’t want to miss something so phenomenal.


I wanted to go because I researched the march and learned how many people, cities, and even countries were participating. History was going to be made, and I wanted to be a part of it. I somewhat hesitated on going because I was raised to be careful about what I expressed about my worldly views because my views were not the norm for a Tennessee resident,” said Preston.


Preston, growing up, always felt as if her views were constantly under fire, especially with the recent election. However, when she heard about the march from a few of her friends, she saw an opportunity.


“Living in Tennessee, I have always felt somewhat outcasted with my views. While watching the inauguration in school all of my classmates were chanting “Trump, Trump, Trump!” and I was sitting there in silent disapproval. [At the march it] made me feel empowered that so many diverse individuals were marching for equality for everybody, the health of our planet, and fundamental rights,” said Preston.


More marches like these are expected to come soon considering some of Trump’s plans in his administration. If more come to Knoxville, you can best bet Preston and others will be there as well.


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