“Bella Hibachi & Sushi” Restaurant Review


Lupita Castillo, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, January 25, 2017 I went to Bella Hichabi & Sushi, not only to celebrate an anniversary, but also to experience the Asian cuisine that Bella has to offer.

Walking in into the restaurant you already get the Asian atmosphere. You can smell the hibachi chicken and seasonings right before you walk into the doors. It is the most amazing smell, especially when you are hungry.

When you walk in you are happily greated. You look towards your right and you can see the delicious sushi they have to offer. Then, the hostess gives you the option to dine or sit at the grill section.

I decided to sit in the grill section, so I could get the full experience. He first bows down and introduces himself. The next thing the chef does is turn on the grills and spray them. Then, with one of the spatulas, he cuts some butter then throws it on the girl and yells, “butterfly!” Then, he gets about 6 eggs, depending how many people there are in the grill, and does some really fascinating tricks with the eggs. He then rolls the egg across the grill and yells, “eggroll!” After that, he preps the rice then cooks the meat that you and your party decided to get. After this, he starts cooking the vegetables and makes a volcano out of the onions and sets it on fire, which I thought was pretty interesting. Once the meal is done, he serves it to everybody individually and bows before saying goodbye. While he is preparing your food, your server brings your drinks out along with a soup and salad. I have never had better soup than the one I had there. Also, the salad has a dressing that is to die for. 

10/10 I would definitely recommend. I loved it a lot more than Wasabi, it had so much more flavor in my opinion. It is also here in Lenoir City so it is close to where I live.